Our history does not matter

Only you and your future matter to us

We deliver what you need with quality and precision



We're experienced and versatile hands-on strategists that get the job done.

Our team constantly delivers as leaders in high-profile roles such as:

  • Management Advisors and Enterprise Architects
  • Solution Architects in Cyber Security, Cloud, Integration and more
  • Organisation, Process and Methodology Advisors
  • Object Owners and Project Managers
  • Data Engineers and Analysts
  • Subject Matter Experts
  • Investigators

Swesource is independent and solution agnostic!

But we know a lot about many products and various solutions. So, we rather make sure you - our clients - are productive in great solutions, than us making financial profit on solving the mess poor solutions and products cause.

Letting us guide you, will not only end with technologically functional and secure solutions, but also with long-term strong strategical and financial foundations.